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Leopold Park Clinic, Froissartstraat 38, 1040 Brussels


route description and map:

by car

Drive to the Schuman roundabout.

Leave this roundabout by taking the Froissartstraat, which is the 'exit' just after the Wetstraat/rue de la Loi.

150 m down this road, do not the take the first road at your right, but go straight ahead.

50 m further, cross the crossroad with the traffic lights and go straight ahead.

100 m further down is the entrance of the Leopold Park Clinic at your right.

Passengers can be dropped here.


To park your car, you have three options:

-underground parking of the Clinic (places are limited at noon):

 for this parking, you have to continue to drive in the same street (Froissartstraat) for another 150 m;

 then turn right; and 30 m further at the traffic lights turn right again.

150 m further (number 180) is the entrance of the underground parking, facing the Leopold Park (2 euro/hour).


-Jourdan square:

  this is a large public parking space at the end of the Froissartstreet, 150 m behind the Clinic.



  there is usually parking space in the streets in the area at the 'left' of the Froissartstraat, at the other side of the Clinic



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