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Leopold Park Clinic, Froissartstraat 38, 1040 Brussels

route description and map:


by bus

There are several bus stops around the Leopold Park Clinc.

Click HERE to find the best journey by bus (site in French). Choose 'artère' as 'type d'arrivée', 'STIB' as type of transport and 'rue Froissart' as destination (adresse d'arrivée)



by train or by underground

The Schuman station (train and underground) is located at 400 m of the Leopold Park Clinic.

From this station, walk in the direction of the Schuman roundabout.

Leave the roundabout by taking the Froissartstraat at your right hand.

200 m down this road, cross the crossroad with the traffic lights and go straight ahead.

100 m further down is the entrance of the Leopold Park Clinic at your right (just behind a contruction area).


Click HERE to find the best journey by train or by underground (site in English).